Company Profile

Palms International Migration Services deals exclusively in Australian Immigration Law. It uses the expertise of Australian Registered Migration Agents and closely related immigration business services to assist its clients in their pre-migration and post-migration needs. The expertise of our Australian Registered Migration Agents and services of PRT Corp. have been successfully deployed since 1992.

Immigration Services

The process of immigration can be very complicated. There are official documents to prepare, bureaucratic system to deal with often with long queues. One must cope with highly technical language on legal and policy requirements of immigration. Our competent immigration lawyer and Australian licensed migration agents manage these particular phase of the business. Our objective is two fold:
  • Assist high quality and eligible applicants to obtain permanent residence in Australia
  • Assist them in the settlement process once in Australia as required by the clients.

In performing its objectives,Palms International Migration Services Inc. looks for highly skilled professionals in the following occupations as detailed in DIAC's Skilled Occupational List Schedule 1 or Schedule 1 or 2 Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List, i.e: Computer professionals, Registered Nurses, Accountants, Physiotherapists, Radiographers-Sonographers, Medical Diagnostic Radiographers, Chefs, Metal Machinists (First class), Metal Fabricators, Welders (First class), Refrigeration and Airconditioning Mechanics, Carpenters and other skilled trade and professional occupations.

Our services also extends to family visa category such as: Dependent children, Spouse, De-facto Spouse, Fiance/e, Retirees, Parents and other visa category such as Business skilled, Students, and Australian State and Territory sponsorships.

Our Australian counterpart, Pacific Rim Technology (PRT) Corp. represents clients seeking appeal to Migration Review Tribunal, Administrative Review Tribunal, Federal Court of Australia or to the Minister of Immigration and Border Protection.

In its search for high quality and eligible applicants, Palms International Migration Services Inc. utilizes its best available resources: Australian residents and citizens who have successfully obtained visa through P. R. T. Corp. and its linkages in the pacific region. The company also conducts regular seminars and personal individual consultations overseas.